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Contineo is an advanced IoT integration platform empowering the entire IoT Value-Chain from device connectivity to the application layer where the value of IoT lies
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Established: 1997


Office Locations: India, Japan


Solutions: Industry.4.0 & Society 5.0 Machine2Machine|Machine2Software|Software2Software integrations, Smart Factory/Plant Digitalization, Smart City Solutions, Smart Spaces, Connected Cars, vertical agnostic rapid application building PaaS, enterprise application development expertise


Ratings/Certifications: Appraised at Level 3 of Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model (Software) – SEI-CMMI



REMO (Remote monitoring and control of assets and devices)

OEE ( Overall Equipment Effectiveness),

VIMO ( Video analytics and advanced monitoring)

MTS (Maintenance Ticketing System)

Asset Maintenance System,KPI Analytics, Dairy Chiller Monitoring,Printing Press Monitoring, Concrete Batching Plant Monitoring, Energy Management System, Gas Distribution System, Corporate Fleet Management, CONFIRMO (School bus and Student tracking), Solar Plant Monitoring, Marathon Relay Monitoring, Smart Farming, Asset Tracking, and many more!


Partnerships: NEC Soft (Japan), Mobile Solution (Japan), i-Qualedge (Japan), Agera Consulting (Japan)


Associations: MCCIA, NASSCOM

Indicus Software has its primary development and research center in Pune, India and a branch office in Japan. We are the creators of Contineo Platform which is the outcome of several years of research and several complex implementations in Japan and India. The rapid application development platform with easy tools to design, develop, deploy, manage and consume IoT Apps, is an enabler of #aSmartUniverse comprising of digital factories, smart cities and connected vehicles and individuals.

Contineo is an advanced IoT integration platform empowering the entire IoT Value-Chain from device connectivity to the application layer where the value of IoT lies. With its modular service-oriented-architecture, it glues together all the building blocks of IoT applications seamlessly.

Contineo won the TiE Silicon Valley Award for innovation in IoT in 2017. With multiple implementations at fortune 50 Japanese and Indian companies, it is poised to be a leading IoT platform in the world. Indicus along with its partner ecosystem and in-house experts provide consulting and implementation services using IoT, AI, AR and cognitive intelligence. We specialize in handholding the customer through their IoTization / Digitalization journey.

Indicus Software has been appraised at Level 3 of the Capability Maturity Model. Our work ethics are guided by our extensive experience in international business.


Production Implementations in Cloud/On-Premise


Connected Devices




Channel Partners


Shilpa Vyapari

Shilpa is the Founder and CEO of Indicus Software. Carrying with her an ever growing desire to deliver the best, Shilpa has come a long way since she first set foot in the Land of the Rising Sun in 1992. She was the first and youngest lady entrepreneur from India to start her own software development firm in Japan, an achievement which not many people are aware of and a distinction she continues to hold even today.


Aseem Shirgonkar

The brain behind the platform! A true technologist at the core who is lazy enough to automate anything and everything. That's how we landed up building Contineo that eliminates most of the coding!


Shridhar Kulkarni

A techno-commercial enthusiast who loves engaging with the customers as much as deep-diving into the cutting edge technologies!


Milind Mangalvedhekar

Mentor and advisor; With strong ethics and massive industry experience Milind guides us through policies, processes and best industry practices


Nupur Kulkani

Quality Manager who is uncompromising when it comes to product release! She comes up with thousands of scenarios and is delighted to find a defect!


Vrushali Kulkarni

General Manager handling HR, Finance and Legal; Very good at numbers, reading people and decision making!