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Indicus Technologies is a product development organization with a perfect blend in offering products and services for more than 2 decades in various industry verticals. As an organization, we strongly believe in work ethics and our efforts in an endeavour to build long-lasting relations with our customers, clients, vendors and obviously, our main asset - our highly motivated and energetic team of employees who are or have been a part of this wonderful journey so far!

We are driven by values and are building a team around them. The values we adhere most to are


Customer First




Enterprise Grade security and reliability with AI-Powered Platform

We have been providing value-added IT services to MSME and Enterprise level clients across the globe. (EMEA, APAC and Americas)With futuristic vision, extensive research and experience, we have identified & resolved industry challenges by providing vertical specific solutions & building a Low Code Platform – Contineo™ Indicus family is driven by the spirit of Innovation. Right from the day of inception we have been focused on continuous improvement (改善: Kaizen), building relationships and delivering excellence.

Enterprise Grade security and reliability with AI-Powered Platform

Shilpa Vyapari

Shilpa is the Founder and CEO of Indicus Software. Carrying with her an ever growing desire to deliver the best, Shilpa has come a long way since she first set foot in the Land of the Rising Sun in 1992. She was the first and youngest lady entrepreneur from India to start her own software development firm in Japan, an achievement which not many people are aware of and a distinction she continues to hold even today.

Aseem Shirgonkar

The brain behind the platform! A true technologist at the core who is lazy enough to automate anything and everything. That’s how we landed up building Contineo that eliminates most of the coding!

Shridhar Kulkarni

A techno-commercial enthusiast who loves engaging with the customers as much as deep-diving into the cutting edge technologies!

Milind Mangalvedhkar

Mentor and advisor; With strong ethics and massive industry experience Milind guides us through policies, processes and best industry practices

Nupur Kulkarni

Quality Manager who is uncompromising when it comes to product release! She comes up with thousands of scenarios and is delighted to find a defect!

Vrushali Kulkarni

General Manager handling HR, Finance and Legal; Very good at numbers, reading people and decision making!

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