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Channel Partner Program - contineo.world
Getting several inquiries in smart connected solutions where sensors, devices, machines, systems, people and communities need to interoperate
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Sales Partner

Sales Partner

Getting several inquiries in smart connected solutions where sensors, devices, machines, systems, people and communities need to interoperate? Be our sales partner and provide robust solutions through the network of implementation partners across the globe. Leverage our sales kit to close the deals quickly and earn margins on every sale.


Implementation Partner

Implementation Partner

Multi-tenant IoT solutions often pose a variety of challenges in big data processing, scalability, security, data privacy and real-time complex event handling. Besides, numerous complex technologies are required to build such IoT solutions. Why spend the precious time, energy and money on developing applications from scratch when ready to use building blocks with a weaver are at your disposal! Contineo designer studio is your Software Meccano to build serious Enterprise level IoT and non-IoT solutions in a matter of days if not hours!




IoT enable your platform or existing software products by integrating the necessary Contineo components.

  • Don’t have a drag and drop designer studio to build applications?
  • Looking for a workflow orchestrator?
  • In need of big data parallel computing engine?
  • Want to ingest data from sensors and contextualize the raw data with your enterprise models?

Let’s talk!

Pricing Models

We offer flexible pricing models letting you and your customers realize the RoI on IoT investments.

What's Included

Free Demo Login - Basic Training - Sales Kit - Channel Partner Meets - Sales Margins

Who can become a Partner?

If you understand what value IoT and AI can bring to this world and are looking for a rapid IoT & AI application development and execution platform, our Channel Partner Program is meant for you!


Schedule a meeting and know more about the partner tools, sales material and the engagement process.

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