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Vehicles especially cars are adding to air pollution and damaging our climate. Contineo Vehicle Sharing offers a city-wide Vehicle Sharing Platform enabling Governments or Private Operators to efficiently manage a Self-Service Car Sharing and Car Pooling system for Citizens including reservation, voice-assisted navigation, billing, driver behavior tracking etc.

Challenges Addressed:

  • Cost of staff to manage stations or relocate vehicles is prohibitive.
  • Vehicles must be allotted to reservations so as to increase utilization.
  • Maintenance and incident history need to be tracked.
  • The system must be easy enough to operate even for elderly people.


  • Leveraging Shared Economy for Greener City
  • Richer Citizen Experience
  • Prior as well as Just-in-Time Reservation
  • Maximizing Availability; Minimizing Staff Utilization



Contineo Fleetomate simplifies and automates Corporate Fleet Management at a much-reduced cost. Fleetomate provides geo-position of the fleet in real-time, fleet utilization, driver behavior analytics, reservation and parking support, diagnostics and maintenance compliance and enhancing the safety of the driver, vehicle, and goods.

Challenges Addressed

  • Compliance with routes and schedules through a centralized system
  • Higher fuel costs due to poor driving habits which is difficult to track
  • Difficult to get a centralized consolidated view of all key parameters of Fleet Management
  • High maintenance costs and outdated diagnostic methods


  • Optimization of Fleet Utilization
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Actionable Reports resulting in lower costs and higher revenues
  • Lower Insurance Costs due to Improved Driving Habits