Build More, Code Less

Quickly productize your transformative ideas in a low code manner leveraging state of the art IoT and AI Technologies

Cutting Edge Features at a Glance

Swish & Flick (Drag & Drop)

Fastrack your digital Transformation Journey with powerful forms and built in models, algorithms and visualization components all available in an online integrated designer studio

Big data computing

Highly available and efficient big data computing pipeline that can be tailored to your specific use case saving operating infrastructure costs

Video Edge Insights

Ensure Safety, Security and Compliance of your business. Combine the power of Image processing and Deep Learning to hyper-automate your business processes (RPA)

Seamless Integration

Leverage your existing assets and exchange data seamlessly between Contineo and existing systems, devices, storages and social networks leading to immense cost optimization.

Accelerate to the future of building application with Contineo high productivity AIxIT Platform

Online Designer studio
Storage and Analytics
Device management & edge computing
CI-CD and Distribution Manager

Contineo designer studio gives you a low-code integrated development environment to configure your IoT as well as non-IoT applications in a WYSIWYG manner allowing you to deliver transformative enterprise solutions in hours and days.

  1. Data Modeller: Reuse existing patterns or define your own data and behavior models and generate powerful CRUD forms with a single button click.
  2. Flow Designer: Configure real-time or periodic batch processes or screen event handlers from 100+ predefined actions including machine learning algorithms; Plug-in custom Java classes or R/python scripts or exchange data seamlessly between Contineo and external systems and social networks through REST-APIs or direct secured access.  Also, let external systems securely access Contineo APIs.
  3. UI: Apart from auto-generated lists and voice enabled forms, design custom screens, interactive dashboards and reports with validations, business logic, access rights and navigation. Extend the wide range of built-in UI components (grids, maps, charts, indicators, etc.) with custom components.
  4. Data Mapper: Bind data to screens or between two actions; Build ETL processes or data migration scripts.
  5. Visual Query Builder: Create SQLs for database operations.
  6. Configure tenant-wise routing to deliver customized variations of screens, widgets or actions. 

Leverage various technologies from within the Contineo Designer Studio.

  1. Databases: Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL.
  2. NO-SQL: Mongo,  Dynamo, Elastic Search.
  3. File: HDFS, S3.
  4. Social Connectors: FB, Twitter, Google Maps, OSM.
  5. Technology Connectors: IBM Watson, AWS IoT, Twilio, Kafka, Spark, Map-reduce, and many more.
  6. Contineo supports basic analytics actions such as summary and average and lets you build your own algorithms in a flow-chart like manner. It also comes with built-in connectors for various ML technologies such as Jubatus, tensorflow, Keras, etc. thus supporting several algorithms such as anomaly detection, pattern recognition, classifier, nearest neighbor, face recognition, etc. out of the box. Contineo also lets you code your own R scripts to process the big-data or develop machine learning models.

  7. Upcoming: Spark-ML, NLP, NLG, OCR.

Seamlessly integrate IoT edge devices and real-time data sources such as sensors, trackers or audio/video feeds via MQTT, HTTP, TCP/IP or connect gateways or OT devices with south-bound protocols such as 1Wire, 2Wire, Zigbee, Bluetooth, MODBUS, OPC-UA and LoRa. 

Contineo with its reusable ‘Device’ and ‘Observation’ patterns lets you:

  1. Provision and configure devices remotely with their digital twin.
  2. Perform edge computing to eliminate latency and reduce communication overheads.
  3. FOTA – Upgrade edge programs over the air on a selected set of devices.
  4. Manage versions of your edge programs.
  5. Data Ingestion & parallel computing in cloud/on-premise servers.

Manage remote environments such as QA, staging and production:

  1. Create deployment packages for complete applications or hot fixes.

  2. Install packages to remote environments with auto-backups.

  3. Take backups and restore environment to the earlier backed-up version.
  4. Monitor remote environments and start/restart servers and services.
  5.  Build custom CI-CD pipeline which can be triggered on package installation or config changes.

Enterprise Grade security and reliability with AI-Powered Platform


A high-performance distributed computing engine that scales automatically as your business grows.


Contineo platform ensures high security at every layer of your architecture, viz. device data ingestion, data storage, REST API and role based access to your Web applications. Apart from built-in authentication mechanisms, such as LDAP, custom mechanisms can also be plugged-in.


Contineo offers several production implementations and has been running for more than a decade. It is a proven platform, known for its robustness and reliability.
BCDR:A multitenant and cloud native architecture allows businesses to have sustained operations and quick recovery from unforeseen failures.

Developer Tools

Being an enterprise application enablement platform, Contineo provides you with all the features necessary to develop, test, transition and manage the enterprise applications.

  1. Light Debugging; Visualization of real-time streaming data.
  2. Application, Edge and Component Version Management.
  3. Create and reuse Libraries or whole applications.
  4. FOTA capabilities Environments.
  5. Manage Development-Test-Production Environments.
  6. Distribute processes to run on different nodes of your architecture, including multi-cloud or hybrid scenarios.
  7. Hot deployment
  8. Build Cross Platform Mobile Apps (Progressive Web Apps).

Ready To Connect?

Business Process Management

Enterprise applications are seldom without business processes where multiple people from multiple departments may have to interact. Smooth and timely communication within an organization is critical to any business. Contineo BPM designer makes it easy for you to associate business processes with the data model. Role-wise approval, rejection and custom flows can be defined graphically.



Accelerate your development further by downloading ready-to-use libraries, components or even full-fledged applications from the Contineo Marketplace, or monetize your own creations.

  1. Vertical specific data models with behavior, UI and BPM flow.
  2. BI algorithms or analytics.
  3. Enterprise connectors such as ERP, CRM, MES, etc.
  4. Technology connectors such as Graph-DB/Spark ML/Maps, etc.
  5. Parsers, device libraries and edge connectors.
  6. Machine Learning Models.

Jonathan V, Senior VP (IT)

“ACME increased developer productivity 9x and in just 6 months rebuilt a core system and 10 other apps”

Jonathan V, Senior VP (IT)

“ACME increased developer productivity 9x and in just 6 months rebuilt a core system and 10 other apps”


Jonathan V, Senior VP (IT)

“ACME increased developer productivity 9x and in just 6 months rebuilt a core system and 10 other apps”

Case Studies

Slide 2
Automobile Organization develops an online and offline mode application with Contieo

Know how a large automobile organization reduces audit time from hours to minutes with easy integration, effective analysis and preventive actions.

Slide 3
Global Automotive Components Manufacturer Gains Real-time Visibility into their Fleet Performance

See how this global manufacturer reduces carbon footprint by building an application with Contineofor internal mobility use in their factories.

Slide 4
Major Electronic Company Obtains Real-time Fleet Insights with Contineo’s Fleet Management Application

The user was able to track the location of several vehicles and gain real-time updates on fuel usage and driver behaviour analysis.

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