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Nikkei Asian Review Cover Story:

As Silicon Valley struggles to shed its male-dominated “brogrammer” culture and bring more women into the technology industry, Asia can proudly point to a long list of female tech entrepreneurs — including a number of self-made billionaires. Each of them has a remarkable story to tell. For this special report, Nikkei Asian Review journalists interviewed five women who are thriving in a famously male-dominated industry.

Hard-earned trust

Interviewed by Nikkei staff writer Mitsuru Obe


Shilpa Vyapari has done something even India’s biggest IT companies have not been able to: penetrate deep into the Japanese market. The company she founded, Indicus Software, is squarely in the middle of one of the hottest areas in technology: the internet of things, or IoT. It makes real-time data analytics tools that analyze information collected wirelessly from sensors attached to everything from cars and solar panels to parking spaces and streetlights….Read More

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