Global Automotive Components Manufacturer Gains Real-time Visibility into their Fleet Performance

LEV Car Sharing System case Study


The client is a global automotive components manufacturer headquartered in the city of Kariya,
Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The company develops and manufactures various auto parts, including
gasoline and diesel engine components, hybrid vehicle components, climate control systems,
instrument clusters, air-bag systems, pre-crash radar systems, and spark plugs. The client
needed a car sharing application for internal mobility use in their factories.

The Challenge

To develop a cloud based application to give real time visibility into fleet performance such as
battery usage, trips data, reservation system etc. The vehicle must be allotted based on the
travel time, distance and the battery strength of the vehicle.


Contineo’s Car Sharing Application is an IOT based SaaS application. Application has been
developed using Contineo’s framework. Contineo’s low code, rapid application environment
reduces the development time by more than half. The application was developed and
deployed in a challenging time frame of four months.
Whenever an employee requests for vehicle, then a specific vehicle is allocated to the
employee. Only the specified employee can start that vehicle using his smart card. If the
vehicle breaks down during a trip, then another vehicle is reallocated to the user.
The application allows the administrator:

Technology Stack

Business Impact

LEV Car Sharing System – Solution Framework

Car Sharing System Case Study

LEV Car Sharing System – Screens and Dashboards

Car Sharing

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