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Contineo IoT Ventures Incubator Program is for start-ups, hardware enthusiasts and those with innovative minds for building #aSmartUniverse. Incubatees get developer access and Contineo server license along with the office space and access to mentors, for a marginal cost and can try to realize their ideas in a couple of months.

  • Help build an MVP
  • Help raise seed and angel capital
  • Help in the commercial launch and early customers
  • Mentoring and other support

Got an innovative idea? Unleash the power of Contineo and leapfrog into the future.

Contineo offers an agile development environment using which you can connect smart devices and configure apps in hours and days! Quickly check the viability of your idea? Forget coding from scratch; Join the Contineo IoT Ventures Incubator Program!

Think Big, Start small, Move fast!

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