Gas Distribution System -
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Gas Distribution System

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Gas Distribution System

Oxygen is a life-saving utility for critical patients in hospitals. Cylinder distributors are responsible for ensuring a continuous supply of oxygen by replacing the cylinders in time before the cylinders get depleted. Gad Distribution System, a product developed on Contineo Smart Universe Platform, allows cylinder distributors to remotely monitor the availability of oxygen in real-time, allowing systematic planning of delivery and optimize the cost of logistics as well as maintenance.

Challenges Addressed

No real-time visibility into gas consumption or “Time to Empty” predictions| Patients’ lives at risk in case of non-availability| Increased support cost of periodic maintenance| Lack of maintenance history and analytics


Threshold-based Alerts on Gas Depletion| Planned Visits -> Reduced staff| Win-Win for Hospitals as well as the Distributors| Efficient Logistic Operations and Demand-Supply Forecasting


October 7, 2013


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