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Vehicle Sharing

Vehicle Sharing

Vehicles are aggravating the air pollution and causing immense damage to the climate. Contineo Vehicle Sharing offers a city-wide Vehicle Sharing Platform enabling Governments or Private Operators to efficiently manage a self-service car sharing and car pooling system for citizens including reservation, voice-assisted navigation, billing, driver behavior tracking and the vehicle remote diagnostics.

Challenges Addressed

Cost of staff to manage stations or relocate vehicles is prohibitive | Vehicles must be allocated to reservations so as to increase utilization | Maintenance and incident history need to be tracked | System must be easy enough to operate even for elderly people


Leveraging Shared Economy for Greener City | Richer Citizen Experience | Prior as well as Just-in-Time Reservation | Maximizing Availability; Minimizing Staff Utilization


May 7, 2018


Connected-Car, Smart-Spaces