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Applications Possible in Contineo
  • Visualization of Sensor or PLC Data

    Remote Monitoring of assets such as Greenhouses, Dairy Chillers, Concrete Batching Plants, Solar Plant, Process Plants, Critical Line Equipments, etc.<br /> Device provisioning & management → Data acquisition → Distributed computing & analytics → Storage (RDBMS, No-SQL, HDFS) → Responsive UI

  • IoT Data Monitored on Mobile

    Visualize vital IoT data anywhere on your mobile phone! Device provisioning & management → Data acquisition → Distributed computing & analytics → storage (RDBMS, No-SQL, HDFS) → Android APK generation of your Application UI

  • Edge Intelligence for Critical decisions

    Edge devices supporting Python can run the Contineo Device Agent and can run the Python program configured through the designer studio using the edge side actions and southbound protocols. FOTA capabilities with version management can be leveraged to mass manage the devices. Also, Machine Learning models can be deployed on the edge device.

  • R Analytics - Machine Learning - AI - RPA - Bots

    Incorporate advanced analytics with R and Machine Learning libraries such as Jubatus; Leverage the power of Contineo to build RPA and Bots.

  • Smart Products - Smart Machines - Smart Assets

    Inculcate smartness into your products, machines or assets by retrofitting the right kind of sensors and capture post-sales usage data for maintenance efficiency or improving the product design

  • AR - VR - Mixed Reality

    Leverage AR-VR capabilities with location-based or IoT intelligence to bring efficiencies in OJT or Troubleshooting.

  • Digital Signage with eDisplays

    Stream video or text content to displays in public areas or within a plant or showroom.

  • ETL & Data Migration

    Extract-Transform-Load; Build data migration scripts in a jiffy! Integrate RDBMS, No-SQL databases or incorporate file I/O on content servers or HDFS; Invoke third-party REST APIs to access data from or load data into external systems. Apply built-in transformation functions while migrating.

  • Enterprise Applications

    Rapidly configure enterprise applications involving forms with validation checks, access rights, screen navigation, BPM flows, mail or SMS notifications, IoT device integration and BI Analytics using R or Machine Learning<br />

  • IoTify Software Products

    IoT-enable your existing software products such as ERP, CRM, BPM, etc. with lose integration with Contineo Data ingestion and Application integration capabilities.