Shilpa Vyapari

Shilpa Vyapari

Founder & CEO

A true technologist at the core, Shilpa is a thought leader who believes very strongly in business ethics, hard work and transparent communication. Speaking fluent Japanese, she has convinced numerous clients in Japan about the capabilities of Indicus Software and has led the company from the front in all departments.

Having worked extensively in Complex Event Processing (CEP) systems & Domain Driven Design, Indicus is now strategically focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI and has developed a full-fledged IoT Application Enablement PaaS (APaaS), "Contineo", with big data ingestion, distributed computing, visualization, cloud & edge analytics and enterprise integration capabilities. Leveraging Service Oriented Architecture & Object-Oriented Paradigm, the platform enforces reuse, resulting in extremely rapid development of seemingly simple yet powerful real-time business systems.

Contineo provides loose coupling between various queuing/streaming, computing, storage & analytics technologies and third-party APIs as well as enterprise systems thus also acting as an integration PaaS (iPaaS).

Having several production implementations in Japan & India, viz. Smart City: LEV Car Sharing, Telematics: Corporate Fleet Management, Alternative Energy: Solar Street Light/Plant Management, Digital Factory: Remo FDx, OEE & Breakdown Analysis, Asset Maintenance Suite, KPI Analytics, 5S Audit, Claim Management, Safety: SmartEye Computer Vision, Oil&Gas: Fuel Tank Smart Locking, Education: Student Tracking, etc., Contineo is a proven platform tested for security, scalability, performance & reliability.

With a growing repository of vertical specific extensions comprising of data & behavioral models, UI widgets, algorithms, analytics & connectors to upcoming technologies, especially with the recent addition of oneM2M ontology import facility, Contineo is poised to be a "SAP for IoT" and not just a "Visio on Web"!