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Not Just a Dashboarding Tool

Myriads of IoT platforms let you build fancy dashboards. When it comes to building enterprise applications, you need control over authentication and authorization, screen layouts, data validations, business logic and screen navigation. Contineo in spite of being a low-code platform, gives you all the freedom you need. You can also plug-in your own code, scripts or UI components.

Reduced Time to Market

Take your ideas to market in weeks rather than months expediting innovation and bringing about efficiency in all aspects of businesses and life. For example, Forms are generated automatically from data models with just a single button click or devices can be integrated quickly to ingest data and the same can be visualized in state of the art dashboards with appropriate access control.

Resource efficiency

To design complex applications we need to use a different Technology Stack every time. For such a stack, we need to invest more in highly skilled resources. Whereas trained Contineo Application Developers can quickly develop multiple high-tech applications for multiple domains using only Javascript and SQL.

Agile ROI - Cost-effective Solutions

Because low skilled resources can quickly build fairly complex applications, implementation cost is reduced by almost 80% saving your CapEx. Also, Contineo is architected such that operational infrastructure costs are optimized for specific use cases. Also, on-the-fly provisioning ensures that enhancements are also deployed in a rapid manner, thus reducing the OpEx. It is otherwise very difficult to realize RoI out of IoT deployments.

Easy to use

Application development with Contineo is much easier than developing applications from Scratch. Virtually anybody can build innovative I4.0 and S5.0 solutions with Contineo’s drag and drop features. Once Contineo is installed on your infrastructure, you can keep on building multiple applications on the same platform. Contineo itself is a web application, so you don’t need to spend on separate installations of DB servers, etc., and teams can work remotely in a flexible way.

Spend less time & effort

Contineo is a “one of a kind” IoT application enablement and vertically agnostic rapid application development platform. Once the requirement is clearly defined by a domain expert, it takes very little time to build an application with even lesser effort. Just define the data, decide the logic and then design workflows and UI representation in Contineo, and the application will be built in no time.

On-the-fly Vs. Code generation

Applications designed in Contineo are executed on-the-fly by a powerful orchestrator and UI rendering engine. Whereas, with platforms that generate the source code, you lose the ability to drag and drop and re-configure your application once the source code is modified manually.


Contineo is meant for serious application development. We can manage Development, QA, Staging & Production environments and push applications across environments easily in Contineo.


Data models, components and applications built using Contineo can be reused across verticals. For example, driving behavior analytics developed for a telematics platform could be reused in the Insurance domain.


We could extend capabilities of our Existing Systems with the new age technologies, devices and sensors with the help of Contineo. Contineo exposes its actions as APIs and can also invoke Third-party REST APIs, for example, Maps or Social Media APIs. Contineo’s ETL capabilities allow us to import and export data from existing CRM, ERP or SFA. Notification and Alerting System is inbuilt in Contineo, which can also be configured easily.

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