| Why Contineo?
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Why Contineo
  • Agile Digital Transformation

    Accelerate multiple digital transformation initiatives with our ready to use solutions; bring innovation into processes, business models and products!

  • Leverage Cutting Edge Technologies

    Leverage the cutting edge technologies such as machine learning, AR and cognitive intelligence without getting into their nitti-gritties. Just drag and drop and configure!

  • Best of the Class Designer Tools

    Almost a code-less environment with best of the class designer tools to help build full-fledged production ready enterprise as well as consumer-driven IoT applications in hours and days;

  • Edge - On-Premise - Cloud - Multi-cloud

    Distributed process governance; Run your processes anywhere you want and configure hybrid applications with a flexibility to change the deployment nodes at any time.

  • Multi-tenant Multi-facility

    Be a system integrator looking for multi-tenant SaaS applications or an enterprise with multiple facilities or groups; configure dashboards, thresholds or workflows differently for each with ease

  • Secured

    Security ensured at each level right from the device communication, APIs, data storage and Web application access

  • Scalable

    Contineo leverages underlying cloud IaaS capabilities to offer a fully scalable engine that processes the big data in real-time irrespective of the number of devices or users

  • High Performant

    Contineo facilitates high-performance big data computing resulting in huge infrastructure cost savings

  • Hot deployment - Hot backups

    Deploy new releases or take backups without stopping the system!

  • Cloud Agnostic

    Use AWS, GCP, Azure, Bluemix or any other cloud vendor; Contineo works just as fine!