Build applications with limitless capabilities

A platform that helps to expand your limits, Now build using the latest technologies without fear of losing control.

Develop the most application using AI/ML , IoT to solve real world problems

What Contineo offers
vs. What you have to build

Develop, Stage and Deploy applications with ease using the no code platform.

Advance Analytics helps you understand the deep performance of the application across various platforms on the edge.

Use your knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS and C#/REST/SOAP within the application and expand the reach of your application.

Develop Applications with custom functions and capabilities using low code

Deploy your own custom API’s allowing the application to access data across systems in real time

Integrate with Existing Systems with API designing flexibility.

Notification and Alerting System is inbuilt in Contineo which can be configured easily.

Deploy applications with total control and visibility

Distribution Manager for multiple deployments

Version Management

Deliver different components at run time depending on Tenant/User Role

Senior and Citizen Developers - A platform built for all

Skills Required: Javascript, SQL, Python (For AI-ML enabled apps)

Learning Curve: 16 hours of basic training

Customer Speaks

Jonathan V, Senior VP (IT), ACME

ACME increased developer productivity 9x and in just 6 months rebuilt a core system and 10 other apps.

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