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80% of our system development uses the low-code development platform “Contineo”. By reducing both the development period and development cost to 1/3. We were able to strengthen our competitiveness as a company.

Hidemasa Iida

Valley Campus, Japan

Leapfrog into the Digital Future

Build applications effortlessly with Swish & Flick (drag & drop) and let the magic happen. A low-code AI-enabled IoT platform for system integrators, automation consultants, device vendors, start-ups and students to overcome technology barriers and leapfrog into the digital future.

Solution by Society 5.0

Enterprise Workflows and Application Modernisation

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps (PWA)

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps (PWA)

IIOT Solutions - Plug and Play

IIoT Solutions - Plug and Play

Intuitive Forms & Dashboard Builder

Intuitive Forms & Dashboard Builder

Edge Intelligence

Edge Intelligence

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Video Insights

Video Insights

Smart Machines and Devices

Smart Machines and Devices

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Solutions by Keyword

Explore the world of Contineo with our ready-to-deploy solutions that will drive innovation in your business.

Solution by Society 5.0

Society 5.0

Society 5.0 targets social innovation with data and technology and creates a human-centric society. Contineo integrates AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and IoT to enhance the quality of life by solving social and industrial problems.

Solution by Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Contineo’s Model-Based Development approach enables enterprises to build a digital twin of the entire extended enterprise, encompassing suppliers, customers, distributors, and the employees and revolutionises the way companies manufacture and distribute their products.

Contineo Solutions By Telematics


Leverage our telematics platform’s capabilities to monitor, track and optimise your vehicle utilisation, fleet performance and driving behaviour built using IoT, AI/ML and Cloud.

Enterprise-grade security and reliability with AI-powered platform




Build and deploy applications with the low code platform

Customer Speaks

Solutions that Drive Success

ACME increased developer productivity 9x and in just 6 months rebuilt a core system and 10 other apps.

Let’s Collaborate

We have built specific programs catering to the ever-evolving business environments in a simple way for you to take advantage of and succeed.

Partner Program
IoT Ventures Incubator
University Alliance Program

We believe the best solutions are born from collaboration. That's why we created the platform for everyone, And now we've built a partner program to make it easier to work with us and innovate with us. With industry expertise and exclusive access to the tools and resources required to help you achieve business results.

Got an innovative idea? Unleash the power of Contineo and leapfrog into the future. Contineo offers an agile development environment using which you can connect smart devices and configure apps in hours and days! Quickly check the viability of your idea? Forget coding from scratch. Join the Contineo IoT Ventures Incubator Program!

Contineo Young Leader Program is a University-Industry Alliance initiative for building #ASmartUniverse projects. Young Leader Program is for Indian students enrolled in undergraduate or higher courses to discover and nurture next-generation Business Leaders. The program is not only beneficial to the Industry or Contineo but also Students, Faculty and Institutes.

Case Studies

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Automobile Organization Develops An Online And Offline Mode Application With Contieo

Know how a large automobile organization reduces audit time from hours to minutes with easy integration, effective analysis and preventive actions.

Slide 3
Global Automotive Components Manufacturer Gains Real-time Visibility into their Fleet Performance

See how this global manufacturer reduces carbon footprint by building an application with Contineo for internal mobility use in their factories.

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Major Electronic Company Obtains Real-time Fleet Insights with Contineo’s Fleet Management Application

The user was able to track the location of several vehicles and gain real-time updates on fuel usage and driver behaviour analysis.

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