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Contineo is “one of a kind” agile IoT Application enablement and vertically agnostic rapid application development platform. Anybody can Use it to Build innovative I4.0 and S5.0 solutions. It has a powerful Designer Studio which can be used to design, configure, deploy, manage and consume IoT applications at an unprecedented speed. It’s modular service-oriented-architecture glues together all the building blocks of IoT applications seamlessly. The platform can be used by Individuals, Communities, Organizations and Government. Contineo aspires to be a major catalyst for the emerging connected world that will eventually become #aSmartUniverse. Enterprise IoT Platform Contineo is implemented at multiple fortune 50 Japanese and Indian companies and has a plethora of ready-to-use solutions and products.


Derive the true value of IoT! Empower the application layer where the real value lies by connecting sensors, devices, real-time data sources, existing systems, social feeds and quickly create meaningful applications for visualization as well as analytics. Exploit the power of the Designer Studio. Imagine and design, configure in minutes, deploy in even lesser while you manage and consume IoT applications at an unprecedented speed.

Contineo has all the built-in components to assemble your solutions

  • Device provisioning and management
  • Data ingestion
  • Workflow orchestration for streaming and batch flows
  • High-speed parallel computing
  • Visualization controls such as charts, map, indicators, gauges, timeline, grid, lists
  • Data entry form builder
  • BPM
  • External system and social integration
Block Diagram


  • System Integrators & Software Developers

    System Integrators & Software Developers

    System Integrators who deliver end-to-end solutions

  • Consulting Firms/Independent Consultants

    Consulting Firms/Independent Consultants

  • End Users

    End Users

    Industry, Farms, Equipment Manufacturers, Maintenance Companies

  • Device Manufacturers / Embedded Developers

    Device Manufacturers / Embedded Developers

  • Community


    Students, Hardware Enthusiasts, Universities

  • Ecosystem Partenrs

    Ecosystem Partenrs

    ERP, BPM, Software Products Companies, Cloud Infrastructure Providers, TSPs

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Our Implementations

With a diaspora of implementations in different verticals, Contineo is poised to be a key player in the IoT space transforming products, homes,  factories and cities into a smart connected universe!

With our deep technical expertise and years of research, we have delivered complex solutions successfully in Smart Cities, Industrial IoT, Connected Vehicles and Remote Monitoring of a variety of equipment and plants.



Feel free to come and talk to us or visit our experience center in Pune!