The Fabric(AI) that weaves the universe together.

Stitch the buttons (IOT Devices) that click to drive value to the customers and growth to the organizations.

A platform built for Leaders and Enterprises.

A Connected and Collaborative application needs a future proof platform to build them

Leverage the cutting edge technologies such as machine learning, AR and cognitive intelligence without getting into their nitty-gritties.

Built using the latest technologies the platform will enable your legacy applications to Push Live updates across all devices in real time

Migrate your applications and build cloud native versions of your application that help run business processes anywhere, anytime using edge intelligence.

A Platform to design, build and help you scale your applications seamlessly in no time

Multi-tenant applications built on Microservices based Architecture along with Seamless integration with existing apps using external REST APIs or exposing self APIs allow your applications to scale with reduction in the downtime incase of faults.

Scale with the power of Parallel Computing and High Scalability Machines running your application

Build full-fledged production-ready enterprise as well as consumer-driven IoT applications faster with our designer tools.

Applications built on the Platform have Security built in

Enterprise Grade Security - High security is ensured at every layer of your architecture, viz. device data ingestion, data storage, REST API and Web application access.

Apart from built-in authentication mechanisms, such as LDAP, custom mechanisms can also be plugged-in.

Asset Security - Be in total control of your IP and not worry about dependencies. - Source code is always available and totally in your control.

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Customer Speaks

Jonathan V, Senior VP (IT), ACME

ACME increased developer productivity 9x and in just 6 months rebuilt a core system and 10 other apps.