From the Farmer

Solution Overview

Consumers are increasingly looking for fresh healthy food. Farmers are looking for higher profitability and direct connection with the consumers. From the Farmer, a product developed on Contineo Platform brings high logistical efficiency to distribute farmer’s fresh harvest directly to consumers.

Challenges Addressed

  • Consumers unaware of the source of produce and its freshness
  • Middlemen and retailers eat up a large part of the profits depriving the farmer of his fair share
  • Farmers’ income is highly unpredictable and they do not have a wider market outreach
  • Inefficiencies in logistics lead to high costs of the last mile delivery to consumers

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    Key Features

    Right Source Right Price

    Consumers can source the food directly from the farmer ensuring the right price to both consumer and farmer

    Farm Fresh

    Farmers can take orders in advance and ensure timely delivery of the produce, this benefits the consumers as they get fresh produce at the right time.

    Optimized supply chain

    Effectively using technology both the consumer and farmer help reduce logistic costs and waste of produce thereby optimising the supply chain.

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