Solution Overview

Contineo Fleet Management simplifies and automates corporate fleet management at a much-reduced cost. Fleet Management provides geo-position of the fleet in real-time, fleet utilization, driver behavior analytics, reservation and parking support, diagnostics and maintenance compliance and enhancing the safety of the driver, vehicle, and goods.; Monitors fleet utilization, parking, after office hours usage and driving behavior.

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    Key Features

    Convenient Dashboard

    It allows employees to reserve corporate vehicles or sync reservations with existing groupware

    Administrators can view the Driving Behavior & After-hours usage and manage the fleet.

    Business Intelligence

    1. Everything in one place: contracts, booking, delivery, to billing and finance
    2. Get the most out of your fleet: advance scheduling, reduced cooling time, live GPS tracking
    3. Reduce customer outstanding: contract manager, automatic customer reminders
    4. Actionable reports resulting in lower costs and higher revenues
    5. Lower insurance costs due to improved driving habits

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