5S Audit

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5S audit is the process of evaluating the proper implementation of 5S in the workplace. Conducting 5S audits help ensure that the workplace is consistently following the 5S principles: Seiri (Sort), Seiton (Systematize), Seiso (Shining), Seiketsu (Standardizing), and Shitsuke (Sustaining).

Conduct the Following audits using offline tablets 5S, Thermography, Shop Infra Round

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    Key Features

    Intuitive Dashboard

    Schedule, Assign tasks to an audit target area/equipment, group the tasks in checklists for quick assessment.

    Track Non-compliances or issues which are logged into the Complaint management and tracked to closure

    Easily Scan QR code for the audit target which will populate the audit checklist, then fill in all the details, capture images of the target, raise non-compliances, and complete the audit.

    Business Intelligence

    • Reduced paperwork improves performance and revenues
    • Real-time availability of audit reports across all areas.
    • Real-time notifications of irregularities and tracking compliance.
    • Regularity in conducting audits and timely resolution of issues leading to improved plant efficiency
    • Dashboards and various Reports are provided; Thermography reports (temperature deviation) + Various other reports (about 15)

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