Smart Spaces -
Contineo Bion smart spaces allows control of lighting,Air Conditioning,Security locks,Heating,Water,Ventilation and various appliances at office parks and building smart spaces,a-eye,gs distribution system,smart street lighting
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Contineo Bion Smart Spaces allows control of lighting, air conditioning, security locks, heating, water, ventilation and various appliances at office parks and buildings, industrial zones and factories, shopping malls and retail shops, hospitals, hotels, educational institutes, residential societies, and homes

Challenges Addressed:

  • Automation of existing infrastructure requires a lot of retrofitting and involves huge costs.
  • Lack of visibility into utility consumption at a consolidated and individual meter level.
  • Safety & Security.
  • Current systems are not geared for remote control.


  • Centralized Control System at the touch of a button or Voice Command
  • Green Environment and Reduced Power Costs
  • Intelligent Rule Engine for Autonomous Operation
  • Make Old Appliances Smart



Contineo A-Eye developed on Contineo Smart Universe Platform allows users to capture and act on the right insights in real-time for surveillance in factories, homes, and offices, combining the power of image processing algorithms and deep learning at the edge.

Challenges Addressed

  • Security breaches pose great risks to businesses or societies
  • The system gives post-mortem analysis and not real time
  • Huge communication costs in transmitting live feeds to central servers
  • Wasted man hours to view long videos after the incident


  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Real-Time Analytics and Alerts
  • Smart & Configurable Rules and Alerts
  • Protect your Brand with Timely Corrective Actions



Oxygen gas is a life-saving utility for critical patients in hospitals. Cylinder distributors are responsible for ensuring a continuous supply of oxygen by replacing the cylinders in time before the cylinders deplete. HOD, a product developed on Contineo Smart Universe Platform, allows cylinder distributors to remotely monitor the oxygen availability levels in each of the cylinders, allowing systematic planning of delivery and optimize the cost of logistics as well as asset maintenance.

Challenges Addressed:

  • No real-time visibility into gas consumption or “Time to Empty” predictions.
  • Increased support cost of periodic maintenance.
  • Patients’ lives at risk in case of non-availability.
  • Lack of maintenance history and analytics.


  • Threshold based Alerts on Gas Depletion
  • Planned Maintenance Visits -> Reduced staff
  • Win-Win for Hospitals and Distributors
  • Efficient Logistic Operations and Demand-Supply Forecasting

Smart Street Lighting


Currently implemented in Japan as part of smart cities initiative LED system with additional sensors are installed in a designated area. Illumination and the colour of the light emitted from the LEDs is regulated based on the number of people or ambient light in the vicinity Various energy parameters are monitored

Challenges Addressed:

  • Unnecessary on/off in day time lead to high consumption.
  • Difficulties related to the maintenance of the system.


  • LEDs consume significantly less energy than traditional lighting systems and ambient light based luminosity control and per-light control may save further energy cost
  • Anonymous data can be gathered to identify movement of people or environmental information or crisis situation or violations in the surrounding areas
  • An array of smart applications can be built around smart light poles with intelligent sensors and cameras with edge analytics