Smart Street Lighting

Smart Street Lighting

Solution Overview

Application to manage mobile LED street light towers. The towers are equiped with GPS to track their location. They are also equipped with motion sensors to detect motion. Power consumption, battery and limunocity are parameters that are tracked. Brightness of lights can be controls from the cloud. Lights can be turned off when there is no motion nearby. This rule can be based on geolocation, i.e. certain location will require lights to be turned on during certain time intervals, whereas for some locations, lights may be turned ON only when there are people nearby.

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    Key Features

    Analytics and monitoring

    Real time monitoring of the lights, condition and efficiency

    Monitor the footfall across zones based on lighting patterns

    Monitor and predict energy usage cnd consumption, helps to predict costs and plan ways to reduce energy consumption.

    Manage light towers

    Manage schedules by location

    Manage rules by location

    Track light tower metrics

    Analytics by location, light tower

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