Chiller Monitoring

Solution Overview

Chiller monitoring solution offers continuous monitoring of all the chillers across plants and it ensures that the system functions properly by capturing various parameters. Our solution can be seamlessly integrated with any other third-party software as it is based on our own low code, AI enabled, Big Data platform ‘Contineo’. Improve the efficiency of the chiller system by getting real time visibility and creating maintenance schedules.

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    Key Features

    Intuitive Dashboard

    Get current status for various parameters like chilled water in, chilled water out, Energy consumption in kilowatts (KW)¸ Ton of refrigeration tr, Ton of refrigeration per kilowatt (tr/kw) 

    Generate REPORTS – Get detailed daily, monthly, yearly reports for chillers.

    Instant Alerts – Email or SMS alerts are sent to notify deviations from standard conditions.

    Business Intelligence

    All information and data is available in a single dashboard in a graphical format.

    Effective maintenance to take actions immediately to prevent major malfunctions.

    Data analytics by leveraging the power of Machine Learning.

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