Genset Monitoring

Solution Overview

Diesel generators have become an imperative part of almost all business establishments, Backup power failures can cause huge drops in productivity. At least 10% of diesel used gets leaked and this sets back the revenue at a major level. Genset monitoring solution offers continuous monitoring for fuel efficiency. It also monitors and determines the health of the generator based on various parameters like fuel and coolant level, pressure, temperature and energy generated.

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    Key Features

    Intuitive Dashboard

    Monitor the Battery Voltage, Fuel Consumption, Run Hours, Idle Time, Maintenance Status all other parameters in a single view Dashboard.

    Perform Remote Operations & Management (Switch On & Off)

    Instant Alerts are sent via emails and text messages

    Real Time Monitoring

    Powerful reporting & analysis tool which provides Day-to-Day operational insights and identify cost leakages to Maximize Revenue.

    Monitor all devices/generators with one platform in real time 24*7.

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