OEE & Breakdown Error Analysis

Solution Overview

Visualization of operational efficiency of body shop welding robots, Production cycle time (Job start and Job end), breakdown error types, breakdown duration, production count, line operating time are retrieved from PLCs to arrive at Availability and Productivity parameters, hourly, shift wise, daily and monthly summaries which are then rendered in graphical forms such as indicators, gauges and charts. Quality is captured through manual data entry. Alerts are raised to notify concerned shop controllers about major deviations.

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    Key Features

    1. 35 parameters are captured from 「SIEMENS 318 PLC」 at 500
      ms interval
    2. On-premise deployment
    3. Initiative was completed in 2 months (from Requirement
      gathering to release) 60% of development time and cost was reduced by leveraging Contineo 
    4. Better visibility to production planning department in order to optimize further production planning
    5. Insights as to which errors are causing maximum downtime leading to reduced downtime

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