AI Really Changing The IT Job Market For Freshers or Just A Hallucination?

Million Dollar Question

What package will I get once I join an IT company? This is the most important question people consider when they decide to pursue a degree in Computer Science (CS)/ Engineering  or for those currently pursuing education in these field and going to enter the job market after graduation. But unfortunately, the question they are asking is fundamentally wrong, and let me explain why.

The Great Concerns

Many students choose Computer Science / Engineering due to the current demand in the IT job market. However, the crucial question is: Will this demand remain stable, increase, or decrease? As a fresher, you might wonder: What kind of job will I get in IT companies? Let us assume you are thinking of joining these companies as a programmer. Now, the answer hinges on whether IT companies will continue to hire programmers. This, in turn, depends on whether they are adopting new technologies that could replace your job with machines and potentially cut down programmer hiring by 80%. So, your entire plan of joining an IT company could be jeopardized, regardless of your qualifications.


The question can be : What jobs will be available in IT Industry once I graduate with a CS/ Engineering background ? This is another tough question to answer, but one thing is certain: AI is here to stay and will undoubtedly impact the job market. Trust me on this answer, as I am the Chief Growth Officer of an AI company, and I can see the power of AI and how it is transforming the world.


Let me teach you one term in AI known as “Reflection” . This is very commonly used in  Large Language Models ( LLM) like ChatGPT, PI, CoPilot etc.  Reflection involves having LLMs analyse their outputs, behaviours, knowledge, or reasoning processes.  Reflection makes LLM system smarter .

Let’s apply the same reflective thought process and, instead of dwelling on an uncertain future and asking a question that no one has definite answers to and is not in our control, let’s ask the question differently.

That question could be, “How can I stay relevant?” This is a great question, and the answer is, “Make yourself relevant by developing strong analytical, strategic, and business management skills, which will make you future-ready.”

What Does This Mean? कहना क्या चाहते हो ( In Hindi) ? काय म्हणायचे काय ( In Marathi) ?

Analytical, strategic, business management skills, etc are big words. But let me translate them into action with a simple real-life example.

I know a student who is completing  second year of Computer Science graduation from an ordinary institute. What does the future hold for that student? Think about it and give yourself 2 minutes to envision this student’s future in your mind.

Now , let me tell you reality . This student aced a state-level coding exam and then approached a professor for an internship. The professor connected that student with our company, where he/she is now working as an intern in the General AI (GenAI) area and creating impressive widgets. Imagine this student as your competitor, someone in their second year, already gaining real-world experience in the IT industry with cutting-edge technology. On top of that, this student now understands how organizations function, and icing on cake is he/she is getting stipend as well.

So by participating and doing well in coding competitions opened new avenues for this student. Our organization is helping this student to develop analytical thinking by exposing them to new technologies like GenAI and Prompt Engineering. This student is also working with smart people and observing leaders in our organization, learning business management skills as well. Now imagine where you compare to this STUDENT.

The Key Takeaway: Be Proactive and Not Reactive

Do not waste time relying solely on AI tools for creating impressive resume using ChatGPT, Copilot, or any other large language models (LLMs) to give you a job. No one is going to give you a JOB by looking at AI prepared Resume. You will get job only when you think critically, take action, and actively build your skillset.

This proactive approach will ensure you remain relevant in the evolving IT landscape.

Ashutosh Godbole

Chief Growth Officer

Indicus Software

[email protected]

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