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Low-code app development platform

What is Low-code?

Software development has evolved over the years. With the help of low-code app development platforms, developers can now deploy apps rapidly with minimal use of coding. This results in minimizing the struggle of developing software or apps in a traditional way.

Low-code development enables developers to build applications and processes with little or no-code approach. Here, the complex programming languages are diminished, and one can quickly build applications using drag-and-drop capabilities. 

Many enterprises believe that low-code app development platforms are built for those with advanced coding or software development knowledge. But that’s far from the truth. Low-code development platforms are designed to bring ease into app and process development. They are integrated with modern technologies so that the developers can use intuitive techniques to build the apps they need faster and better. 

Let’s see how startups, entrepreneurs, and enterprises experience the power of low-code platforms and scale their businesses with impeccable outcomes. 

The rise of low-code development

Several leading enterprises have launched less to no coding approach that makes a huge difference for developers and organizations. Where a person was needed to code for hours to build a high-performance and effective application, low-code facilitates rapid deployment, easy scalability, integration & drag and drop capabilities.

This new approach has been the core development for developers to deploy apps seamlessly. With technologies evolving with time, the first app that developers would have coded would be in a basic interface. Now, they can make GUI libraries, which reduces the long working hours of coding and enhances UI availability.  

From C C++, we are now moving to C#, which minimizes the high complexity of coding. Instead of writing thousands of complex codes and syntax, decision-makers can use low-code platforms where they can visualize the workflows, data structures, models, etc.

Contineo’s low-code application development platform deploys solutions and delivers success! Being an enterprise application enablement platform, Contineo provides you with features necessary to develop, test, transition, and manage. From light debugging and FOTA capabilities environments to hot development, build market-demanding apps in no time! 

Here is how it works. 

Reduced time to market

Contineo’s low-code platform quickly productizes your transformative ideas by leveraging state-of-the-art IoT and AI technologies. Our platform helps you take your ideas to market in weeks rather than months, expediting innovation and bringing about efficiency in all aspects of business and life. 

Resource efficiency

The thumb rule has always been this- to design complex applications, we need to use a different technology stack every time. We need to invest more in highly skilled resources for such a stack. But no more! Where building applications has been made easy by low code, Contineo takes it one step further by enabling you to develop multiple high-tech applications for multiple domains using only Javascript and SQL. 


Because the switch has been made from the traditional way of developing apps to low-code app development, the additional cost of resources cuts marginally. Any developer with basic coding knowledge can build fairly complex applications, which reduces the implementation cost by almost 80%, saving your CapEx! 

Spend less time & effort

The one-of-a-kind IoT application enablement and vertically agnostic rapid application development platform clearly define the requirement. It takes very little time to build an application with even lesser effort. All you need to do is define the data, decide the logic, and then design workflows and UI representation. 

There, the application is built in no time. 

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