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Low-Code Cultivates Smart Farming Solutions – The New Age of Agriculture

The consumer demand for fresh and healthy food has increased drastically. On the other hand, the farmers are looking for higher profitability and direct connection with the consumers. This is why software has become the livelihood of the business economy. And that started when the pandemic disrupted the traditional way of consumer-dealership relationships. The world had to shift to digital transformation, and the agriculture industry couldn’t be left out. 

However beneficial it was for several industries, agriculture was one industry where learning and understanding were needed to adapt to the digital twin. And traditional software development wouldn’t cut it for farmers or land owners. There had to be a smart solution that could be adopted within months for a continued profit.  

One of the solutions was low code. According to Forrester, low-code development traces back to a 2011 report on a new productivity platform for custom applications. Although the boom of the new age development happened in recent years. And it only accelerated during the pandemic when people realised how critical digital communication was when the world was on lockdown. 

But how can the Agriculture sector benefit from this when their domain is far from coding?


Low-code: combining convenience and technology to enable smart farming

There isn’t a direct link between farmers to consumers. There has always been a middleman who addresses its respective wages and leaves very little for the farmers. It is difficult for the farmers to track the freshness of the goods and their availability. For instances like these, low code becomes the connecting tissue between all the challenges. 

Low-code development enables industries/ enterprises to rapidly develop and deploy applications. With its easy-to-use guide, built-in templates and visual blocks and minimal coding, it takes a couple of months to market the application! 

Contineo’s low-code enterprise application development platform deploys apps 5x faster! Speed, functionality and flexibility make it an ideal platform for farmers to build applications to directly connect with consumers from all over the world, track orders, complaints, the freshness of the products, and much more! 

No matter how easy the Contineo platform is, we wanted to build flexible functionality for anyone who wants to empower the world with their smart solutions. For that, Contineo creates a space where premade solutions are available. These ready-to-deploy applications address challenges such as traditional coding, building blocks from scratch, designing sections of the application, etc. Our built-in applications enable them to drag and drop pre-designed templates or use the application just the way it is! 

Interested to know more? Head to and check out our ready-to-use solutions! 

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