You are currently viewing International Women’s Day 2023 | Women Entrepreneur Empowerment | #EmbraceEquity

International Women’s Day 2023 | Women Entrepreneur Empowerment | #EmbraceEquity

It is acknowledged today that women are a major contributing factor of the global economy. According to the World Bank data, in 2008, women made up more than 40 percent of the global workforce. We can see today multi-millionaire women entrepreneurs like Vinita Singh and Namita Thapar.

Over the years, more and morewomen have been shiftingfrom traditional workplaces to entrepreneurial activities. Women are often more capable than men in managing responsibilities independently. As a result, they are leaving the comfort zones to pursue their own goals.

New and smaller businesses are playing an increasingly important role in the economy worldwide. The fact that women entrepreneurs and new businesses can be a significant driver for the  improvement in the welfare of society, is gaining acknowledgement amongst the economists, academicians and policy makers. Women – owned firms are increasingly becoming important source of economic growth and employment.

Although women have made great strides in the entrepreneurial world, they are still facing many challenges. We at Indicus software would like to partner with the women entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey, offering them the power of Contineo, an our indigenous IoT platform enables even a non-technical person to implement his or her ideas. A simple concept can be taken to reality in no time using Contineo.

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